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Canadian Stars On Ice - Toronto, Ontario
April, 2000

Let me just start by saying that I felt that this year's SOI was one of the best yet! I was highly dissapointed in last year's show, but did thought the Canadian one was better (because Brian was in it, right?). But this year's show, both the US and the Canadian, was superb! I love the opening number, to the music of Kodo...the only complaint I have is that the lights were a bit too bright...sometimes you only could see outlines of the skaters on the ice, which I didn't pay for . But I loved the energy and the choreography of it. The whole cast was showcased in it as usual. Brian's next showing was to Bailamos, by Enrique was performed with Tara and Meno & Sand. I enjoyed seeing them all skate together, it was a different combination. Nice latin beat. Next, Brian skated to "Summer Wind" by Lyle Lovett- I can't wait to see this again sometime!! I really liked his interpretation of the music, very soft and flowing, a wind-like feel to it. His next appearance was to "Me & Julio", by Paul Simon, which was a riot-- Brian, Kurt, and Steven Cousins skated around, fooling around like schoolboys, teasing Scott Hamilton by keeping him out of the loop. Great chemistry by the cast! Another part of the "Simon & Garfunkel" section of the show was another group number, "Old Friends". I didn't care too much for the US version of this for some reason, but I liked the Canadian version-- maybe because the cast gelled better since they *are* "old friends". The program ended with them all in a group pose, as if they were posing for a camera, which was sweet...unfortunately, I didn't have my camera on me! . Second opened with a "club scene", where Brian, Tara, Shae-Lynn, Lloyd Eisler, Lu Chen, Steven Cousins and Todd Sand were supposed to be hanging out at a dance club. Brian flirted with Shae-Lynn a bit, and then he and Steven, Todd, and Lloyd started "wooing" Tara, it was a cute section. Ebb Tide was Brian's next skate, which I had been lucky enough to see before but always enjoy seeing it. He landed all of his jumps well, and had a lot of speed in his skating. His last appearance, of course, was the closing number, which I admit was my favorite part of the show (except that it was the end!!). The closing was to "What a Wonderful World", by Amy Lands. It's a dance remix of the old Louis Armstrong classic, one of my favorite songs to begin with. And I didn't even mind the ummm, extremely bright orange and yellow clothing! The choreography is so dynamic and fun... it gave me what my friends and I call a "skating high", where we didn't want it to end...and then we were lucky enough to see it *again* for the re-takes!! Needless to say, we were a bit happy. Brian's feet fly in his solos in this program...I just can't wait until it's televised, I can't wait until the end of the year!!!! :-( Then, I will put up some screen grabs for everyone to enjoy!

CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN, on landing your first TRIPLE AXEL in twelve years at the 2000 Goodwill Games!!

During his short program of "Dear Father", Brian attempted and landed his first triple axel of his professional career. It was textbook perfect!! You could just see that landing it carried him through the whole program. He even inspired Katarina Witt to land her "last" triple toe of her career...way to go, Brian!! He was placed an impressive second in the Technical Program, ahead of all the youngsters and second only to-- you guessed it, Brian Boitano (who didn't land a triple axel, LOL). Sound familiar??

In the Interpretive Free, Brian again skated with excellence to "Ebb Tide", landing his jumps well, including the back flip into the triple toe. Even though *this* fan saw him in first place, the judges once again put Brian Boitano in first, who skated well to "Wild Elephants". I only hope Brian Orser already knows that he already won the compeition for himself he accomplished the incredible task of landing his triple axel. My hat's off to you, Brian! Screen grabs to come...including a screen-by-screen view of the triple axel.

Brian Boitano Holiday Spectacular 2000

Well, thanks to good 'ol NBC, more than half of this program was cut off and we joined it in progress. :-( From what I saw of Brian, he did a nice program with Deborah Cox singing live. Brian was clad in all black "leather", and skated well to this upbeat music. He looked great! However, since there was a live singer, the camera often went off Brian, so we missed some of his skating. The other program NBC showed with him in it was "What would Brian Boitano do?", by South Park. Glad Brian B. has a sense of humor!! This was cute, but the choreography left something to be desired. However, I got a big kick out of the program seeing as the first time I heard that song I was roaring! Liked Brian O's sweater and hat, LOL!! Now, let's hope we don't have to wait until the next millenium to see Brian's moving "Ebb Tide", since I heard he skated it there extremely well. Screen grabs to follow as soon as I get a good copy of it!
*Note: I have seen the whole thing now!! Ebb Tide was wonderful as usual...but the best part was seeing his birthday celebration!!! I'm sure he wasn't truly suprised but he joked around, acting like an old man. All the skaters and singers came out and joined him in the celebration! Screen grabs are ready!!

Sears Open, Dec 4th 1999

On December 4th, 1999 I was priveledged to witness history in the making. For the first time, Brian Orser, Kurt Browning, and Elvis Stojko were all competing in the same event. Also appearing in the men's field were Todd Eldredge and Steven Cousins. I greatly admire all the men that appeared, so it was bizzare during warm ups-- I had no idea who to watch!!! In the short program, Brian bravely attempted the triple axel, but unfortunately did not succeed. I am confident that we'll be seeing it in a competiton soon though, as he's been landing it in practices!! His interpretive free program of "Ebb Tide" was stellar-- just breathtaking. Definitely the program of the night. Brian finished third in the compeition-- ahead of Steven Cousins and Kurt Browning, thanks to a mistake in the length of Kurt's interpretive free program - but I was VERY proud of him, no matter where he would of placed!!! Below are some articles, and some screen grabs & photos will soon follow on my Programs page.

Grand Slam of Figure Skating

On September 25-26, Brian skated in the Grand Slam of Figure Skating in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. I was lucky enough to attend the event, even though the promotion was horrible-- without prior announcement (OK, one day does NOT count as a prior announcement), the first program for the pros was skated on Saturday morning instead of during Sunday's competition, as stated previously. Needless to say, I missed the performance, and from what I was told it was a great skate of "Dear Father"-- enough to put him in first place!!! For his second program, Brian skated to "Rootbeer and Licorice", and unfortunately didn't have a great skate, singling two axels and missing another jump. He rallied in his final program, a new one skated to a song by the Righteous Brother, skating much better and with a lot of emotion. He wore a white shirt with navy blue pants, looking very classy. He is back to doing his back flip right into a triple toe, and landing that seemed to energize him. The competition was a team effort, and his team (partnered with Ekaterina Gordeeava) came in third overall out of four teams. However, I was thrilled with the single scores-- he came in second in the men! He's got to be proud of that. Screen grabs coming soon.

Kristi Yamaguchi's Holiday Festival On Ice

Brian skated in Kristi's annual Christmas show, taped in Denver Colorado. The show was nicely done as usual! Brian skated to Jon Bon Jovi's version of "Please Come Home For Christmas", and did a wonderful job of interpreting one of my favorite Christmas songs. He looked stunning wearing a red shirt and black pants, classy as always. Later, he did his "Rootbeer & Licorice" program with those "snazzy" pants again ;-), and came back for a group number with Todd Eldgredge, Steven Cousins, and Kurt Browning. They were all dressed up as Santa Claus, and it was extremely difficult to tell the difference between them!! I must say, during the performace itself, I never could tell. However, they did a short skit backstage afterwards-- then I could tell them apart. Brian was hysterical, shouting "Holy salchow!!" and "All I want for Christmas is a triple axel!". We want you to get that too, Brian! Screen grabs coming soon...

Star Skate's Tribute to Broadway

Robin Cousins's special tribute to Broadway music was held on a cruise ship with a small ice rink on it. Yes, the rink was very small, but the skaters suprisingly did very well accomodating to the rink's size. Brian skated to "On Broadway", wearing his "I get a Kick" outfit. I enjoyed his interpretation, but held my breath in when he was attempting his backflip-- I thought for certain he'd land on some lucky spectator's lap!! However, the pro he is, he landed it perfectly. Unfortunately, they cut out his second program on TV. However, they did show him attempting rock climbing (nice legs, Brian!! LOL) - he did very well, blowing the horn at the top in celebration of his feat. He also participated in the group finale, to the song "Footloose" from the Broadway musical of the same name. He seemed to really have loose feet, especially at the end when the group of skaters gathered on the "stage" of sorts-- clapping and having a great time. Screen grabs here!!!

Star Skates Salute to Country

Not being a country fan, I wasn't sure what to expect here. As a matter of fact, I didn't know the name of either the opening or closing songs, sorry!! In the opening, all the skaters wore royal blue and denim, a color combination that favored Brian ;-) He did his trademark backflip. I really enjoyed Brian's version of "I love the way you love me". It was very smooth, sensual, and was quite a beautiful program, even if it is country . I hope he uses it again someday. His second number was "High Steppin' Daddy", a more traditional country song, ick . He wore his "halfees" pants, the half leather/half black denim ones, with a red shirt. His skating in it was great though-- lots of leaps and jumps, a few russian splits, and fast footwork. In between the programs, they showed Brian fishing with Viktor Petrenko (very funny site to see, in the traditional fishing hat) and playing blackjack in the casino. For the closing number, all the skaters wore black & white shirts with fringe, and black pants. It was a quick number, with Brian once again doing some nice leaps and footwork. Click here for screen grabs....

Brian appears on AM Canada

Brian made an appearance on "AM Canada" during their Canadian Figure Skaters week, the week after the Sears Open. Brian was in a rink in Toronto, looking amazingly awake at 7:15am! Dressed in black, he discussed how much he enjoyed the Sears Open compeition, and how much he still enjoys skating. He also did some shamless plugging of Stars On Ice, which was rather funny. He did a short footwork sequence, all the while saying "tickets on sale, soon!". Ahh, that's our Brian....:-)Here's some screen grabs!!

1999 Mariposa Gala

In August 1999 Brian was invited back to his old skating club, the Mariposa School of Skating, to skate in it's annual gala. Here is my review of the event!

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