1999 Mariposa Gala, cont.

After practice, we attended the rehearsal at Molson's Center. This is always a fun experience, as you get to watch the skaters interact and even goof off a bit. The highlight of this event was definitly Brian's dog, Dolce (a pug). Dolce sat near us in the rehersal, so we managed to get introduced . He even gave us a treat of trying some skating on his own!! Photos of this are coming soon.

The show itself was amazing! All the skaters did a wonderful job. Highlights were watching Takeshi skate to "I believe I can fly", Michael Hopfes doing a passionate skate to "Lord of the Dance", and of course, Brian skating to both "Dear Father" and "Rootbeer and Licorice". I even managed to get a bit of ice sprayed on me by Brian when he was being playful!! Unfortunately, during the break, he was walking around and I was commenting to my friend that I thought his yellow pants were "snazzy" and he overheard me, and just smiled at me...*sigh*, for some reason I always say the strangest things to him!!

The most exciting part of the event is always the reception. Here, fans and skaters meet at a local community center. It's very fun and obviously taxing on the skaters, but they are always real troupers. Below, I have various pics of the reception. I did manage to get my "Orser: A Skater's Life" Book autographed (you will see the obnoxious look on my face), and get a nice picture with Brian and another friend of mine. He was obviously tired and attempting to relax with a beer, so I didn't want to bother him too much. As usual, he was totally sweet :-)

Photos By Leilani Hinds, Lynn Fischer, and Mary-Justine Conrad

With my skaaaating buddy Moyra

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