A great article by Steve Milton on two legends of Canadian Male Figure seen on the CTV Sportsnet Site. In case the article goes down, click here.

2000Goodwill Games Articles
AP Article

Nice Article on Jumping vs. Artistry...

2000 Canadians Article:
Brian's Back

Goodwill Games Article:
Figure Skater Brian Orser Announces "Winter Achievers" Winner From Plattsburgh's St. Peter's School

Sears Open Articles:
Chouinard, Bourne & Kraatz Win
More Sears Open Articles

Brian's thinking of the future of Canadian skating! Good article on his coaching-consultant duties with the CFSA.

Old Articles on his controversial 'forced coming out'.
How will the World Deal with Orser?
Sports have always been biased against gays
Orser Out in the Open
Skater Brian Orser loses fight to suppress ex-boyfriend's suit
Skaters back friend Orser
Orser slapped with lawsuit
Kwan, Eldredge win at The Masters of Figure Skating