Brasseur & Eisler's "The Professional Years"

Isabelle Brasseur, discussing a Dreams On Ice Fashion Show: “I found that once I was on the runway, I relaxed immediately and enjoyed modeling the clothes. …I believe the other skaters felt the same way, as most of them appeared to be naturals. For instance, because of a flight delay, Brian Orser arrived at the show just an hour before it began. Because he was so late, he hadn’t been able to take part in any of the rehearsals, but as soon as Brian stepped on the runway, you would have thought he had been modeling all his life. He was that good.”

Lloyd Eisler, on working with Brian: “Someone like Brian Orser truly understands why Isabelle and I have made this commitment to the foundation. Brian is always there when we need him and has appeared in six of our seven shows to date. Brian is consummately generous and one of the easiest people to work with. Unlike certain other skaters, he is not demanding and always adds a positive note to our backstage banter.”

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