Brian's Ametuer Career Competitive History

Here is Brian's ameteur career competitive history, taken from his autobiography, "A Skater's Life". Unfortunately, I cannot find his professional career history anywhere, and will continue to search for it. In the meantime, take a gander at this impressive portfolio!

Second, Worlds 1988 -Budapest, Hungary
Second, Winter Olympics 1988 -Calgary, AB
First, Canadian Nationals 1988 -Victoria, BC
First, Skate Canada 1987 -Calgary, AB
First, Worlds 1987 -Cincinnati, OH
First, Canadian Nationals 1987 -Ottawa, ON
First, Novarat International 1986 -Budapest, Hungary
Second, Worlds 1986 -Geneva, Switzerland
First, Canadian Nationals 1986 -North Bay, ON
Second, NHK 1985 -Kobe, Jpn
First, St. Ivel 1985 -Richmond, Grb
Second, Worlds 1985 -Tokyo, Jpn
First, Canadian Nationals 1985 Moncton, NB
Second, NHK 1984 -Tokyo, Jpn
First, Skate Canada 1984 -Victoria, BC
Second, Worlds 1984 Ottawa, ON
Second, Winter Olympics 1984 -Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
First, Canadian Nationals 1984 -Regina, SK
First, Ennia Cup 1983 -The Hague, Netherlands
First, Skate Canada 1983 -Halifax, NS
Third, Worlds 1983 -Helsinki, Finland
First, Canadian Nationals 1983 -Montreal, QC
Second, Skate Canada 1982 -Kitchener, ON
First, St. Ivel 1982 -Richmond, Grb
Fourth, Worlds 1982 -Copenhagen, Denmark
First, Canadian Nationals 1982 -Brandon, MB
Second, Skate Canada 1981 -Ottawa, ON
First, St. Ivel 1981 -Richmond, Grb
Sixth, Worlds 1981 -Hartford, CT
First, Canadian Nationals 1981 -Halifax, NS
Sixth, Skate Canada 1980 -Calgary, AB
Second, Nebelhorn Trophy 1980 Oberstdorf, W. Germany
First, Grand Prix 1980 -St. Gervais, Fra
Fourth, Canadian Nationals 1980 -Kitchener, ON
Third, Vienna Cup 1979 -Vienna, Austria
First, Canadian Nationals Junior 1979 -Thunder Bay, ON
Fourth, Junior Worlds 1978 -Megeve, Fra
Third, Canadian Nationals Junior 1978 -Victoria, BC
First, Canadian Nationals Novice 1977 -Calgary, AB
First, Canada Games 1975 -Lethbridge, AB
First, Ontario Games 1974 -Thunder Bay, ON