Brian Moments

I've been lucky enough to meet Brian several times. He has always been gracious and sweet, even when I made a fool of myself . Here, I will describe some of my encounters with him, with some photos to enhance the experience. If anyone wants to add their "Brian Moment" to my page, feel free to submit them to me!

Grand Opening of the Pepsi Center, Amherst NY
November, 1998

It was a matter of luck that I even attended this event, let alone meeting Brian for the first time!! I was cleaning my apt, when the doorbell rang (almost didn't answer it), and it was my friend MJ...her sister had read in the paper (I don't get the daily) that Brian was skating *that night* at the opening of a local sports center. I had no idea!!

Off we went to the show, which, considering that Brian was the only "known" skater there, was pretty good. I thoroughly enjoyed the personal feeling to it, since the place was pretty small (sans the hockey glass :-()

After the show, Brian graciously offered an autograph session. Since I am in the US, there weren't a lot of people waiting for autographs, which was to our advantage. When we got to the table, Brian signed our tickets, taking his time to talk to us and letting us take photos with him. I told him that we missed seeing him at the 1998 Mariposa Gala, and we discussed his injury that prevented him from being there. I also managed to tell him how much I loved "The Story of my Life", he seemed real pleased to hear that. Unfortunately, he did make a comment about most of his medals being silver when he saw MJ's silver pen-- to which we politely scolded him for doing so . Then, we told him we were off to watch the LP for Skate America that night, so he crossed his fingers for Elvis (Elvis was competing for the first time since Nagano). All in all, it was a great meeting-- very relaxing and unintimidating. I wouldn't of changed a thing. Here's MJ's review of the event, and photos.

Legendary Night of Figure Skating

In March of 1999, I attended the reception for this prestigiuos event. Click here for my review of the show! Just about all of the skaters attended the reception, held at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, ON. As soon as we got there, it was a madhouse of media, skaters and their friends and families, and fans. The area was pretty small, too, so it was brain surgery to search for people. I was pretty thrilled to meet and take pictures of skaters like Lloyd Eisler, Don Jackson, Issabelle Brassuer, Kristy Seargant and Kris Wirtz, Josee Choinard and Jean-Michelle Bombardier, Jennifer Robinson, and more. As for Brian, the first time we approached him my friend MJ managed to get a picture with him, but then he got sidetracked with someone else. Later, I saw him at the bar and approached him for a picture. One of my friends was nice enough to take the picture for me, and since she took it so close I was wondering how it would come out!! Luckily, it turned out to be my "quintessential" picture of myself with Brian! He was sweet and gracious as ususal, but I wanted to let others get a chance with him so I made the visit short and sweet. For pics of the event, click here or visit MJ's page.

1999 Mariposa Gala

I always enjoy attending this event. Mariposa has produced and is still producing some simply fantastic skaters! For my review of the show, please click here. The reception after the show is a highlight to me. It was chaotic as usual, but it is held in a really nice Community Centre in Barrie with lots of room. I had lots of fun meeting and talking with several skaters-- Steven Cousins, Michael Hopfes, Marcus Liminen, Takeshi Honda, Kris and Kristy Wirtz, Josee Choinard, Guliano Cosentino, and Trifun Z (I won't attempt to spell his name, LOL). I think my only dissapointment was that Kurt Browning didn't attend the event, but I heard that he had an engagement with his wife. Brian was the main attraction of the reception, for sure. I never saw him without a fan by his side for more than a moment. He looked happy and patient though, maybe the constant beer in his hand helped . I wanted to get my book signed. When I finally approached Brian, he was more than happy to sign it. I also managed to get a picture of him along with another friend of mine, Moyra (GO Moyra!!!). The picture is adorable, and even includes Brian's beer, LOL. His cheeks were real red, not sure if it was from the beer or the fact that he wore a sweater in August!! I did manage to tell him again how much I appreciate his skating. He always thanks someone very humbly. His father and other family members attended the event as well. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed my "moment" with Brian and hope for many more. Here are some pictures of the reception, or see MJ's review here.

Got a Brian moment you'd like to share?? Email me and tell me about it!