News and Reviews, 2000-2001 Season

Here's the latest news on Brian, and some reviews, too....

Skate the Nation!!!
Not only is Brian going to perform in the Skate the Nation Tour this year, he also choreographed the whole show!!!! Which makes me all the more dissapointed that I can't go to any of the Southern Ontario shows!!! I will be depending on some friends who are going for a report on the show. All tickets are being sold on, so click there for dates!

Life and Times: Brian Orser
Not being Canadian, I had never seen an episode of this biographical show. I was impressed with the job they did on Brian. They went through Brian's skating history and personal life in a very impressive manner, with some touching interviews with Brian in between. I think if anyone didn't get teary-eyed a few times, something is wrong with them . I also was able to join a live chat with Brian after the show. Unfortunately, none of my questions were answered but there was some very interesting discussions there. For a transcript of this chat, click here.

Sears Open, Hamilton Ontario Canada
Always my favorite of the pro-ams, once again Brian was invited to skate for the third Sears Open. Proving he can handle skating with the young guns, Brian skated impressively in both his short and interpretive free, even trying (but not landing, unforunately) his triple axel. For his short, he skated to Concierto de Aranjuez", a revised version of his 1991 program. The program has a latin sound to it, and Brian interpreted it well. "Against All Odds" was Brian's interpretive free, which earned him a standing ovation. I think this was my favorite performance of this program. This must be Brian's favorite competion lately, as he is always well received. However, he unfortunately finished just out of the medals, placing fourth. It was an impressive field of 7, so this was certainly not a bad finish!!! He seemed certainly happy enough at the hotel bar, later .

Holiday on Ice, Sarnia Ontario
IMG has started producing a Holiday show, which was performed in Sarnia, Ontario Canada. Brian skated to two holiday songs in this show and wowed the audience as usual. I'm hoping this is will be an annual show, as I was unable to attend this show even though it was pretty close :-(

Brian Performs in several "Star Skates" shows
Brian was able to participate in several of Robin Cousins' Star Skates shows, skating shows with central themes to them. He skated in "Ice Jam II", which has a dance music type theme to it. In this show, we were treated to Brian skating to a live version of Billy Gillman's "One Voice". He also skated in Star Skates Mowtown, where he interpreted "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder-- quickly became a favorite of mine-- and "Back to One" by Brian McKnight. This was my favorite of his Star Skates Shows. Brian was also invited to skate in Star Skates Latin, a show with you guessed it-- a Latin theme.

Brian Skates in Dreams on Ice 2000, Guelph Ontario
In late September, Brian participated in Isabelle Brassuer and Lloyd Eisler's annual charity tour, "Dreams on Ice". The show in Guelph coincided with the opening of the new arena, the Guelph Sports Complex- from what we hear, the building wasn't even done the day of the show! We arrived in Guelph in time to catch Brian, Elvis, Steven Cousins, and Surya in their practice, which is always an interesting dynamic. In the show, Brian skated to Lyle Lovett's "Summer Wind", from last year's SOI. His second program was an instrumental version of "Against All Odds", which was fantastic. I admit when he started skating, I was dissapointed that it was instrumental. Then I watched Brian's interpretation of the saxophone, and I immediately changed my mind. It's such a smooth, freeing program. The full cast also did an opening number (techno music by Rave with glo-sticks on strings) which was different, and a closing number-- a medley of the Rolling Stones. THIS was hilarious, with the men acting like Mick Jagger-- Brian was having a ball with that! I found this production was better than the last one I attended two years ago, although I missed seeing Lloyd and Isabelle skate.

Television Biography being Filmed about Brian
Out to See Productions is currently filming a television biography on Brian...very exciting!!! Here is an article that was printed in the Barrie news.

Brian Did Choreograph Elvis Stojko's New LP to the Music of the Gladiator
Straight from Elvis' lips, this rumor has been laid to rest. Brian did choreograph Elvis' new competitive LP program to the soundtrack of "The Gladiator", to be debuted at Skate Canada this fall. Being a fan of both skaters, this is a dream come true for me, I call it the "dream team"!

Brian Confirmed for Dreams On Ice 2000
Brian is one of the confirmed skaters listed for the Dreams On Ice show in Guelph, Ontario, Saturday September 30th. The show is also celebrating the grand opening of the Guelph Sports & Entertainment Centre. Click here for more details on this event! I know I'll be there :-)

Brian Choreographing Elvis???
So far, it's reported that it's just a rumor, but supposedly Brian is choreographing Elvis Stojko's LP for the 2000-2001 Season, to them music from the movie "The Gladiator". I haven't heard confirmation of it yet...

Brian to Appear at Scott Hamilton's "Scott Hamilton C.A.R.E.S. Charity Show
Cleveland, OH
September 16, 2000

On September 16, Brian will appear in a black tie charity event to raise money for cancer research at the Cleveland Clinic's Taussig Cancer Center. Other skaters there will include: Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi, four-time World Champion Kurt Browning, Cleveland resident and Olympic Silver Medalist Rosalynn Sumners, World Silver Medalists and three-time U.S. National Champions Todd Sand and Cleveland native Jenni Meno, and eight-time British National Champion Steven Cousins. Sounds like a great show, now if I could only afford it!! Tickets include a cocktail hour, dinner, and the skating show. Click here for an article on the event.

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