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What do you do with two Olympic silver medal moments, eight Canadian championships, a couple of award-winning films, and a list of achievements too numerous to mention?

Simple you put them all together and make a biography about one of the figure skating world's most respected members, Brian Orser.

That's exactly what a police-escorted camera crew were doing when they filmed Orser driving back to his hometown of Penetanguishene recently.

The crew of the Vancouver-based Out to See Productions began filming Orser for a television biography more than three months ago.

Executive producer/director, Moyra Rodger says they have been travelling with Orser and capturing footage of him in various locations across the United States and Canada.

They began in April, when Orser began another cross-country tour with Chrysler's 'Stars on Ice' in Halifax. Not only is he featured with a star-studded cast with the famous ice show, he's also an associate producer.

After completing an intense touring schedule, Orser and the film crew headed for Philadelphia, where they filmed him training with friend and fellow figure skater, Elvis Stojko.

Then, it was back to Canada, stopping first at the Mariposa School of Skating in Barrie.

Orser spent many years training at the internationally renowned skating school, coached by Doug Leigh, who is also the school's owner and director.

Before his return to Penetanguishene, Orser and the production company, along with some family members and a few close friends, spent a few days filming at his cottage, while reminiscing and exchanging stories of the early years.

Orser also took the time to revisit the Midland Centennial Arena. It was here that a young Orser was discovered by Leigh, more than 25 years ago.

When asked if it has been difficult having cameras following him everywhere, Orser just smiled and humbly replied, "Actually, it's been fun and it's very flattering."

The biography of Orser is being aired on CBC's Life and Times in the fall. Rodger says they are obtaining old photographs and film footage of him before his major competitive years, possibly of Orser playing hockey or skating in a club carnival.

If you can assist the production company in any way, please contact Kim Walker at 527-0627 or Marcia at 526-6239.

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